Monday, February 8, 2010

Pupils Plunge into Project Preparation

Monday 8th February : Brainstorming Begins ...again ;) As the class is out undertaking two weeks of work experience, not everyone is working on the project at present. However, we are keeping in contact with everyone via text, e-mail etc. Currently, four students are working with our two architects during this week and our first meeting was today.

The main subject of conversation was narrowing our ideas down. This was surprisingly easy considering we had so many ideas originally! We broke the design down into materials, furniture and technology.

On the concept of materials we seem to have one prominent 'textile' which is affordable, light weight and recyclable. The principal idea with the furniture is to have it modular and adaptable to any area or space, and the primary ideas for technology are having computers easily accessible for both teachers and students.

We have decided on creating our learning space as a zone used during break time or between classes as these are the times when students are not in a class room. It has been proven in our school that there is few places for the students to go during break time which have suitable seating, insulation and entertainment. However, there are some 'dead spaces' we have located which would be perfect for transforming into an interactive area.

Our wonder material is cardboard! Light weight, low cost, easy to work with. Our team of four, with the help of Mr Timmins, have collected loads of scrap card board which we will be cutting and forming into small scale sized pieces of furniture.

Harry and Adam are experimenting with 3d shapes on solid works and Rob is creating shapes from K'nex and other building materials, Sarah is sketching ideas for furniture and updating the blog. We will also be making a video of us making the carboard furniture and playing it double speed, so look out for that as it will be up soon!

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