Friday, March 5, 2010

More Pictures!

Here are a few more pictures of or miniture furniture models so you can see how they interact with each othermore clearly. Not only are the individual pieces of furniture modular, they are also designed to fit together perfectly. However, this wouldn't be possible without the teamwork displayed by our design team. It wouldn't have worked this well without excellent communication of ideas.

These pictures also show our chaisse-lounge which we couldn't make a model of without a bandsaw. It is ergonomically designed to fit the curve of the body and only becomes more comfortable as it gets more used. This piece is also designed with a modular theme in mind,shown in the final picture. These relaxing chairs can easily be slotted together to form curved layouts perfect for social interaction and discussion.

The chaisse-lounge is also very flexible, as it can fill many other roles. They can slot together to form a backdrop to a stage. They can be used in conjunction with the screen to form a more complete barrier. It also has all the advantages that come with being made of cardboard. They are strong and caneasily be disposed of when they become too worn.

We have started work on the model of the chaisse lounge, and cannot wait to see the finished results

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