Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here are some pictures of the downsized models we created!

The chair created, was designed by Adam Keilthy and is modular in a way that a few of these chairs are stack able and will store neatly in a room.

The space itself is very flexible. For example, the space can be set up anywhere, anytime. Also, the screen can be bent and flexed to suit the area you are in.

This furniture is very ecologically friendly as it is all made from a recyclable material. This material is cardboard which is extremely hard wearing and strong if placed together the correct way.Once the chairs become worn or tatty the waste Product can simply be recycled.
The design of the desk was thought up by Rob Newman and Harry Spain and the Screen by Sarah Twaddell, but the designs wouldn't have been modified into what they are now without a great deal of teamwork.
The team was proud of their weeks work on the project and we look forward to gathering all our work and condensing it onto the final presentation sheet!


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